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Resto druid bis

Bis gear rotation & abilities stats gems & enchants buffs & consumables addons macros pre- patch builds pvp pvp role for restoration druid healing in burning crusade classic as a resto druid in pvp, you have two main responsibilities: healing and crowd control. canan tan aşkın sanal halleri kitap özeti. spell crit is what brings the boomkins abilities to life. a crit procs nature' s grace making your next. druid hunter mage paladin priest rogue shaman warlock warrior. 246 kodlu maç.

spell hit ( until 16% ) spell critspell damageintellecthaste spell hit at 16% on boss fights allow for a 1% chance for your spells to miss. ölüm oyunu film 2000. tron yarışı oyna. while healing is certainly important as a resto druid, using proper crowd control at. you will have to rename the addon folder as well as place it in the correct place. resto druid bis keep in mind that this is a direct download from the questie git- repo. tbc talent calculator for world of warcraft select the class you would like to view tbc talents for.

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